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The International Journal for Faith Integration (IJFI) is a dream come true. After several years of considering its possibility by its founder, Professor Constance C. Nwosu, it became a reality on July 9, 2019 when its maiden edition was unveiled. Professor John Wesley Taylor, V, Associate Director of Education for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (Maryland, U. S. A.) led in that unveiling ceremony during the 3rd International Conference for Faith Integration, held at Babcock University from July 8-12, 2019. He was assisted by Professor Iheanyichukwu Okoro, Babcock University’s Senior Vice President, Academics (2010-2020). IJFI is a bi-annual, double blind peer-reviewed journal of the Institute for Faith Integration, which specifically bestrides the areas of learning, life, and service. Its mission is to promote faith integration for the full development of human capacity. The intention of IJFI is to encourage living an integrated life, and to discourage the dichotomy of life we all struggle with. Our faith in God should reflect in all we do – teaching, learning, research, service, hobby,
play, and lifestyle. Therefore, the journal does not discriminate between faith in learning (IFL) and faith in other service
areas. It goes beyond IFL and includes how we live out our faith in our professions and daily lives. Since its emphasis is
on living our faith, the mission of IJFI is to publish “scholarly or well-structured articles on faith integration in learning,
service, and life”. That way, faith integration will not remain only in the laboratory; rather, humans become the
laboratory of living faith.
We are eager to publish articles that will encourage Christian thinking and the integration
of faith in all areas of life, articles that will discourage compartmentalization in the Christian life. Therefore,we invite
you as professionals to partner with us by submitting for publication in this journal articles that present studies on
faith integration in all works of life, or articles that share how to put faith into practice in our professions and daily living. We also
encourage presenters in our biennial International Conference for Faith Integration (www.babcock.edu.ng) to
submit their revised papers for peer review and publication in this journal. The guidelines for submission and
call for manuscripts will help you with some of your questions. You may also contact us at ijfi@babcock.edu.ng We look
forward to your partnering with us.

To promote faith integration for the development of human capacity

Publication of scholarly or well-structured articles on faith integration in learning, service, and life.

* Originality * Integrity * Excellence * Bible-based * Accountability * Team Spirit* Purpose-driven

Constance C. Nwosu, Editor-in-Chief
Barbara Fisher, Associate Editor